Dean Clifford Videos

I received a link to Dean Clifford's latest video to share with the group and that link is below.  I also noticed another recent video link on the same source site that I was given (not Dean's site) and have also included that below.  Enjoy!


Recorded live on December 4, 2011 2:00 PM ET

Show Seventy Four - Open your Mind

Length: 119:22

Guest - Dean Clifford - Learning About The Freeman Information, 19 Days - Locked Up, Warrant For His Arrest, Get To Know The Law, Common Law,What To Say When Your Stopped By Police, ACTS and Statues, Colour Of Law, Police Getting Into Trouble, The Nanny State, Sovereign Or Freeman,Sovereigns Obey Natural Law, Do We Have To Pay Tax?, Birth Certificate, Live Register, Sean - Whitewash Coming On



T4TT - EXCLUSIVE... Dean C. Clifford - Both Sides of The Story... Part 1

Welcome to the T4TT Exclusive of The next chapter and the other side of the story you have all been waiting for...

This is where things get easier as we go...

Please welcome back... Our Good Friend: Hon. Dean C: CLIFFORD.